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Evan “Bullet” James, is one of the most successful and respected drug interventionists in the world. He has handled thousands of cases both here and abroad and brings to the table close to twenty years of experience in the field of drug intervention and rehabilitation placement. Universal Crisis Intervention and TAPS have been featured in a number of independently produced and major network oriented documentaries, ultimately recognized for our professionalism, intervention techniques and vast field experience.

  • Individualized treatment plan
  • In person, parental pre-wake up call consultation/assessment
  • Early morning, surprise intervention/extraction
  • 48 hour wake-up call/ attitude adjustment with troubled teen or young adult
  • (Scared Straight tactics, orchestrated tough love confrontations by reformed addicts, ex-gang members or off duty police officers, visits to jail or jail type settings, tough neighborhoods and 12 step meeting introduction, if indicated…etc). All to be facilitated under Evan “Bullet” James C.A.S. supervision
  • Family “attitude of gratitude” post wake-up call meeting
  • (Implementation of treatment plan and correlating consequences)
  • Random visits from Wake-Up Call staff (to ensure teen/young adult is following treatment plan; drug testing included)

Below are testimonials from parents and guardians of some of the 1300+ youth we have rescued.

“Bullet and his team saved my grandson’s Dylan’s life…when all else had failed…they didn’t” Michelle M. Austin Texas

“My son Ian was running the streets, getting high,  hanging out with local gangs, the police said they couldn’t help…TAPS miraculously did and Ian has now been clean for nine months” Marie D. Fairfax VA.

“My 17 year old daughter, Tatiana was being taken advantage of by adult drug dealers…Bullet and his team literally risked their lives to save her…I will be eternally grateful ” Lenny A.  Weston FL.

“My son Nicolas was raised in a good home, but became attracted to some tough kids at school and wanted to follow in their footsteps, he became out of control and disrespectful and ultimately ran away. We tried EVERYTHING to get our Nicolas back., yet we could not…TAPS went beyond the call of duty to locate, intervene, extract and safely transport our son to residential treatment”…TAPS is amazing” Tom B.  Reno NV.

“When our program has cases we cannot handle…I only have one name and phone number I give families…Bullet 888-975-SAVE” Todd Hockenbury, Admissions director, Red Rock Canyon School

***Starting at $9500.00*** which includes first three months of “Private Probation”

Call 760 439-2087

Fees do not include TAPS travel expenses which can vary based on where a family resides. TAPS is located in Southern California. TAPS facilitates “Wake up Calls” throughout the USA.