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Drug Intervention Services – 1-888-975-SAVE (7283)

A drug addiction can be debilitating. It can lead to a downward spiral which becomes impossible to wriggle out of.

Most people find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place. They start to panic, and this expedites the damage that is being done. It is recommended to seek out an immediate intervention to ensure the damage does not become permanent.

Family and friends are urged to seek out TAPS as soon as possible. It is time to make a favorable decision which will have a long-term impact.

20 Years Of Experience

Why choose TAPS? What puts this team above the rest? It comes down to 20 years of experience in crisis situations. Being able to work successfully under pressure to change the lives of those requiring interventions is both rewarding and illustrative of the value on offer.

Why not tap into 20 years of experience and know you are getting service from those who are aware of what it takes to make a difference. Our drug intervention experts understand the intricacies of the process are understood with years of experience, and this team tackles each case with care and professionalism.

How The Drug Intervention Process Works

So, how does the process work for those who are intrigued and think this could be the solution? It begins by making contact and speaking to a representative as soon as possible. Most cases are emergencies and require immediate action to ensure the downward spiral does not continue.

To ensure the emergency situation is handled with care and the individual does not suffer any longer, it is recommended to setup the intervention as soon as possible. The team can send out a person to various parts of the world within 24-48 hours depending on specific variables (i.e. flight times, location, availability).
The intervention involves the use of multiple proven techniques as learned by the specialists in helping drug addicts obtain a new perspective on life and quit what has been bothering them. It is not an easy process and one that takes patience and due diligence.

The substance abuse specialist will make sure all interventions are carried out with care and maintain the safety of everyone involved. There are no exceptions made to this because safety is paramount for both the specialists and the individual dealing with their drug addiction.

Customized Drug Intervention and Early Intervention Techniques

Our drug and substance abuse intervention techniques will not involve a “cookie-cutter” approach. The goal is to look at high-quality customized techniques to help the process along in the long-term. Each case will be analyzed from top to bottom to ensure things are not heightened and the intervention proves fruitful.

The specialist will sit down and look at the case from all angles to assess what would be best to help the drug addict make positive changes in their life.

Proven Results

Why choose this team? It is not about experience or knowledge alone. It is the results that matter most and this is one of the most effective intervention services in the world. Calls from all around the world are made to TAPS asking for assistance.

It is a proven option for those who are concerned.

Additional Services Provided

What else does Universal TAPS provide for those who are interesting in having an intervention carried out? There is a range of services that are offered by this team including executive protection services, sober companionship services, teen transport, teen/young adult wake up calls, teen runaway situations, missing person assistance, and more.

Please contact the service as soon as possible to book an intervention and get the process started. Remember, the goal is to act immediately and not let the situation get out of control. The faster this process begins, the higher your chances are of seeing success and achieving the desired results.

This is a proven team with years of experience, and regardless of the case, the intervention will provide positive results as expected.

Why let things get out of control when you can call in a professional and know they will use modern techniques to assist the individual dealing with a drug addiction? It is time to make a positive change, and it begins with TAPS.

If you know someone you care about that is struggling with drug addiction, do not delay & contact TAPS 1-888-975-SAVE (7283).