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TAPS team leaders work with families to transition them through all the details of the transport. The parent has access to help 24 hours a day to assure that all their needs are met. TAPS will assist the family with all aspects of the transport. Once all the transportation arrangements have been made and the pick up location identified our transport counselors will proceed to the agreed location at the appointed time. Usually, the transport counselors will be making the pick-up at the Teen’s residence. One scenario that works well is that the team arrives either late at night or early in the morning to assure that the teen is at home, usually in their bedroom.

When the transport counselors first arrive they will introduce themselves to the parents and prepare the vehicle for a safe transport by activating child safety locks. Next, the transport counselors go over the travel itinerary with you in detail and answer any questions you may have. They will then complete and collect all needed contracts and documents.

They will then gather any personal belongings, medications, or other needed items of the teens, and store them securely in the trunk of the vehicle along with the collected documents. At this point you, the Parents, will accompany your child’s guides to where the teen is, (preferably in the bedroom) and introduce the transport counselors to your son or daughter and explain to them your love for them, and what is taking place.

Parents or Guardians will explain to the teen that they will be going with the transport counselors to a school or program. We would ask that at this point the Adult remove themselves to a part of the residence where they cannot be seen by their child. The teen will then be escorted by their transports counselors to the awaiting vehicle. This is to help the transport situation to not escalate into a negative experience for the teen and the family.

This approach works quite well, and helps to eliminate any confrontations. The de-escalation training and command presence of the transport counselors assures a quick and amenable transition to the vehicle and sets the tone for the remaining portion of the trip to the school or program. Prior to the transport, the transport counselors will have made arrangements to keep the Parents apprised of the progress of the transport either by Cellular phone contacts or by the Parents utilizing our discrete GPS tracking devices.

We know that things do not always go according to the original plan, and as such our transport counselors will work with you on alternative plans if needed, and we are quite adept at improvising if we need to change the pick up location if the child is at another location other than the residence, or initial agreed location.

Unless otherwise directed by the Parents or Guardians the teen will not be allowed to make any calls nor will they be allowed to bring their own phone or pager with them. This is for the safety of the teen during their transport to their new school.

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