28th Year Update

It is hard to believe TAPS has been serving families of troubled and out of control teens for 28 years. I am both happy and sad at the same time in regard to TAPS successes. I would hope at some point it would not be necessary for parents to even contact us for help. Unfortunately that is an unrealistic thought.

Things are worse today than they were 28 years ago. Our government has finally announced we do have an opioid epidemic. Unfortunately about 28 years too late. We are receiving calls every day from parents needing help with pre-teens and older teens. TAPS now serves families of pre-teens to young adults.

We (TAPS) have completed in excess of 2000 physical interventions and intervention/transports for families who otherwise would have just waited for another outcome that could have quite possibly not turned out to their desire. Our placement services bring these numbers to over 3500 families placed and another 17000 families given help, guidance and direction in dealing with their out of control loved one.

We have seen far too many young people end their lives with drug and or alcohol addiction. I have unfortunately buried both my brothers and a very much loved son because of their addiction to heroin.

Our biggest stumbling block is money. Money to help families that otherwise can’t afford a private program for their loved one. Because of the 28 years of being immersed in this work of serving families we have negotiated discounts with programs to assist these families in their time of need. Even with discounts families still can’t afford necessary life saving programs for their loved ones. What we have done and want to continue to do at TAPS is assist in funding these programs for families in need. Our goal is to immediately help 24 families with the tuition payments along with the intervention and transporting to the program.

The discounted scholarship fees needed start at $60,000.00. We are and will stay in constant negotiations for all families in need for these life saving services along with residential tuition. Please consider DONATING to these services. THIS COULD ABSOLUTELY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE!!

If you have any questions please contact me at tony@taps14.org and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Tony Pallotto
760 439-2087


Since 1995 TAPS founders Tony and Maryann Pallotto have helped over 20,000 families.

Tony and Maryann

Having major problems with your teen or pre-teen?
There is HELP! There is HOPE!

TAPS is devoted to providing assistance to families with troubled and out of control youth.

Is your child struggling with:

  • Drug Abuse?
  • Alcohol Abuse?
  • Behavioral Issues?
  • Violence?
  • Legal Problems?
  • Truancy?

TAPS offers the following services:

  • Immediate placement assistance
  • Adolescent transportation services
  • Adolescent Counselors
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Short Term Crisis Centers
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Liaison with Probation Departments
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Schools, Camps and Other Alternatives
  • Help for Young Adults Also Available
  • Home Drug Test Kits Available

Evan “Bullet” James



May 4th 1964 – January 25th 2022

Dr. Drew Interview

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