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TAPS is devoted to providing assistance to families with troubled and out of control youth.

With our database of over 400 programs, there are many different types of programs available in a wide range of cost. Program costs vary widely depending on a number of factors. Some programs accept donations while most have monthly fees. Scholarships are available for qualifying families.

At TAPS, we will work with you to determine the best possible placement for your troubled teen or preteen. We will recommend at least three programs for you to evaluate. This service is free to all parents or guardians with children in need. Due to the generosity of a variety of donors, TAPS has been able to provide full and partial scholarships to over 1,000 families since 1995.

Teen Adolescent Placement Services: What Are They and How Do They Help?

Teen placement services are available for parents who are worried about their teenagers due to their recent rebellious behavior. It is one thing to cut school once with friends or talk back when being told to do something. However, if your child has been constantly missing classes at school, not following the rules of the household, getting involved with some drugs or participating in other illegal activities, you might want to take immediate action. Your teenager’s behavior may keep getting worse unless you decided to get help for him or her.

What Do the Teen Placement Services Do?

If you contact the placement services company, they will help relocate your teenager to a facility where he or she can get help with the problems they are going through. For example, if your child has recently become addicted to some type of drug, you may want them to go to a residential treatment center for assistance. If your child is acting out and getting involved in some serious illegal activities, which includes participating in robberies or joining gangs, you may prefer to have him or her placed in one of the wake-up call programs.

The wake-up call program is meant to help these young people realize how much damage they can do to their own lives by following the wrong crowd and participating in the wrong activities. They may think they are doing something cool because they are listening to what their friends tell them to do, but it could cause so many problems for them in the future. Getting a wake-up call is often what these young ones need to realize how important it is to apologize to their parents, start going to school and stop acting out.

Although the wake-up call program is a popular choice, there are other options to consider for your teenager based on his or her actions and personal needs. In fact, there are even some faith-based programs children can attend to learn about the Lord and discover ways to become a better person without the fighting, foul language and wrongdoing. No matter which program you choose, the teen placement services will make sure your child gets to the right place to get the necessary help.

Explaining the Process to Your Child

You can arrange to have your teenager picked up at your home at a specific time. It is best to have a nice conversation with your child right before allowing him or her to leave and get help. You need to let your child know that you have made this decision because you have their best interest at heart and not because you want to punish them. After all, you would never want to send your teen away from home if it were not for a good reason.

Your teen is most likely not going to agree with you for making this decision, but you are in control because you are the parent. Once you have let your teen know how much you care and want the best for him or her, they can begin packing up some of their belongings before leaving the home and going to get treatment.

It is not easy watching your child walk out of the home and knowing you will not get to see him or her for a short while. Even if it makes you sad, you may feel a bit better knowing that your kid will remain in a safe environment while learning how to make many positive life changes.

Getting the Best Results From Such a Difficult Decision

If you cannot get your teen to listen to you or follow any directions, you are probably feeling frustrated. It is even worse if your child is doing things you do not approve of and skipping out on school regularly. You cannot let this bad behavior slide because then it will escalate and get worse.

When you get in touch with the placement services, you can quickly find out more about the best resources available for your kid. Once you have learned about the programs, you can plan out everything and make sure your loved one goes to the right place to work on their behavior.

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