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Having your son or daughter go missing is a nightmare than no parent wants to face. Fortunately TAPS has the experience and knowledge to help with this crisis.

If you have a runaway teen, or know a runaway teen who needs help, it’s time to give us a call.

How Our System Works:

TAPS team leaders work with families to transition them through all the details of the transport. The parent has access to help 24 hours a day to assure that all their needs are met. TAPS will assist the family with all aspects of the transport. Once all the transportation arrangements have been made and the pick up location identified our transport counselors will proceed to the agreed location at the appointed time. Usually, the transport counselors will be making the pick-up at the Teen’s residence. One scenario that works well is that the team arrives either late at night or early in the morning to assure that the teen is at home, usually in their bedroom.

Locate Teen Runaways To Protect Them

No one wants to deal with family problems that seem to come out of nowhere or be out of control, but when these situations happen it is critical for people to look at the situation the way it is and know what their options are to help. TAPS specializes in locating runaway teens and being able to find them and relocate them to a safe place where they can feel safe, receive intervention, and get the support they need whether for mental health, drug rehabilitation, or whatever else.

There are many different problems that can pop up suddenly during the teenage years. Sometimes it’s the sheer number of hormones being thrown about the body, sometimes there are other factors involved that are making things even worse. Whatever the reasons, whatever the problems, our specialists are up for helping get your loved ones off the street, out of a bad situation, and bring them to a better place to get their life together and begin healing.

Many Reasons To Rely On TAPS

There are many good reasons to rely on the professionals at TAPS to help locate your runaway teenage and get them to a safe spot. First of all, our professional private investigators are absolutely exceptional at tracking down individuals, even those who traditionally “drop off the grid.” They can pick up the trail and quickly locate a runaway teenager.

Our specialists never aim to harm – they will relocate the teenage runaway to a safe zone where there will be no access to drugs or alcohol, and the area is safe from intrusion. In the safety of this safe zone recovery can begin whether recovery from drugs, from the psychological trauma of living life on the streets, and from whatever other situations might apply. This is an important time and it is always handled as needed, properly, and with plenty of supervision.

There are many reasons to give our professionals a call, with just a short list including (though not limited to):

  • Drug abuse intervention
  • Intervening for alcohol abuse
  • Handling violent outbursts
  • Sex trafficking intervention
  • General behavioral issues
  • Adolescent intervention and counseling specialists

An Out Of Control Problem

The statistics really are terrifying. Over one million teenagers are living on the streets or basically “unsupervised” at home. 9% of teens have admitted to using illicit drugs on a regular or semi-regular basis. Millions of women tragically experience sexual assault of some kind during their teenage years.

This leads to a lot of anger, a lot of depression, a lot of pain, and even outright hopelessness. For a teenager who already has so much to deal with changing hormones and the emotional and mental turmoil that brings, these added issues can be overwhelming. Many teenagers don’t have the tools to deal with them, especially if in the throes of addiction or a broken home.

We all need to remember that this is not a hopeless case. These teens can recover, they can overcome even the worst of trauma, and they can live full and happy lives – if someone who cares for them intervenes early enough to help.

Why Extraction?

Would you put a drug addict in a room with drugs? Would you make an alcoholic live and work at a bar? Getting a runaway teen out of an unstable and dangerous situation safely is priority #1. That’s the only way to get to a place where they can feel safe, where they can vent and work through their addictions or problems safely, and where they can get the help that they so desperately need.

Is This Dangerous?

The most dangerous thing to do is allow a runaway teenager to stay in a situation that involves drug, alcohol, physical, or sexual abuse. Our professionals go out of the way to make sure the teenager is extracted from those situations as safely as possible, often willing to put themselves at extra risk just to make sure the troubled teen can be safely transported to a safe place for recovery.

Call Us Today

If you have a runaway teen or know a runaway teen who needs help, it’s time to give us a call. We want to help you locate them and bring them to a safe place so they can become a person with a long and happy life instead of just another tragic statistic.


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