Drug Intervention Services

Including Holding Facility, Drug Testing and Private Probation Services Starting at $175/hr – 1-888-975-SAVE (7283)



Evan “Bullet” James, is one of the most successful and respected drug interventionists in the world. He has handled thousands of cases both here and abroad and brings to the table close to twenty years of experience in the field of drug intervention and rehabilitation placement. Universal Crisis Intervention and TAPS have been featured in a number of independently produced and major network oriented documentaries, ultimately recognized for our professionalism, intervention techniques and vast field experience.

Teen Holding Facility FAQ

Do you pick up the teen?

Intervention and transport is typically part of the service provided. Guardians can also transport teen to holding facility.

What is the purpose of the holding facility?

Prevent further escalation and/or destructive behavior from out-of-control teen while simultaneously assisting guardian to find the next proper solution for their loved one. Options include returning home or being transported to a treatment facility, wilderness program or boarding school.

What does the teen do while they are in the holding facility?

Initially there is a de-escalation ‘time out” process and then they are counseled and prepared for either going back to their home or to the treatment facility of their guardian’s choice.

Professional Drug Testing

Our professional drug testing services are avail 24 hours a a day.

Our services are unique because licensed drug and alcohol counselors or off duty or former law enforcement officers will facilitate them.
There will be no games or tricks being being played which are all too common at standard drug testing facilities
Additionally we can physically extract teens from home or wherever they are (if necessary) and take them to our drug testing facility and unlike any other drug testing service a “dirty result” can immediately turn into our intervention and treatment or placement services

Below are testimonials from parents and guardians of some of the 1300+ youth we have rescued.

“Bullet and his team saved my grandson’s Dylan’s life…when all else had failed…they didn’t” Michelle M. Austin Texas

“My son Ian was running the streets, getting high,  hanging out with local gangs, the police said they couldn’t help…TAPS miraculously did and Ian has now been clean for nine months” Marie D. Fairfax VA.

“My 17 year old daughter, Tatiana was being taken advantage of by adult drug dealers…Bullet and his team literally risked their lives to save her…I will be eternally grateful ” Lenny A.  Weston FL.

“My son Nicolas was raised in a good home, but became attracted to some tough kids at school and wanted to follow in their footsteps, he became out of control and disrespectful and ultimately ran away. We tried EVERYTHING to get our Nicolas back., yet we could not…TAPS went beyond the call of duty to locate, intervene, extract and safely transport our son to residential treatment”…TAPS is amazing” Tom B.  Reno NV.

“When our program has cases we cannot handle…I only have one name and phone number I give families…Bullet 888-975-SAVE” Todd Hockenbury, Admissions director, Red Rock Canyon School

Typically 24hr response. Starting at $175/hr. Call 1-888-975-SAVE (7283).

Fees do not include TAPS travel expenses which can vary based on the where a family resides. TAPS is located in Southern California.